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ENGS 12: Design Thinking

In our Design Thinking class, we were given the challenge “How might we use computing and connectivity to improve human experiences?” Through our brainstorming, we developed the POV: college students whose default is to kill time with technology miss out on opportunities to connect with new people through new experiences. We then thought to ourselves, “How might we help people find purpose and connection in their free time?”

We came up with FreeTime. FreeTime is an app that aims to help users of the app make the most of unscheduled free time that often comes up during the week. FreeTime does this by allowing users to easily plan activities of similar interest with other users in their area. Interacting with other people is a basic human experience, and FreeTime improves upon this experience by broadening a user’s social base, which gives them the opportunity to meet new people. Additionally, since the activities are based off of common interests, the interactions provide an authentic way of building friendships and passing time.