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Final IceTrax Product
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An IceTrax Protype with a user
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Close up view of IceTrax


ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering

ENGS 21, or introduction to engineering, is a class where students are given a theme, from which they must take a product from conception to market delivery. Assigned with the theme "Engineering Improved Quality of Life", my team and I noticed a gap in mobility with wheelchair users in areas with snowfall. There was simply no solution on the market which cheaply and effectively allowed users to bridge the gap between their homes/work and their vehicles. After many prototypes, we designed an over the wheel tire-cover design with an expanded PVC material for increased traction to be an effective and cheap solution to the problem.

Awards: Phillip R. Jackson Engineering Sciences Prize, Citation in ENGS 21, China Patent No. 201621471259.5, filed December 29, 2016, and issued June 15, 2017, Currently patent pending in United States. We are currently in the process of applying to the Lemelson-MIT Student price for funding to pursue IceTrax further.